D is for...

... dog, naturally :)

I can't remember a time I didn't want a dog, but we were a cat family, so I waited.  I waited until I was done school, and until I owned my own house.  And finally, after more than 30 years of waiting, I got a Kipper.  And then a Katy. 

They make me laugh.  They warm my back and my feet on cold winter nights.  They give me a reason to get out and walk, and to stop and talk to my neighbours.  They have even allowed my neighbour to lose a bit of her fear of dogs, as she gives them their daily treat, and they gain weight ;)

They bring joy into my life - joy to see Katy learn to play, to see Kip learn a new skill.  The joy I see on the faces of those that love them, and the joy the dogs give in response.  The joy they have when I come home, when I toss a ball, and, best of all, when I open the magic white box that contains their food.

Dogs are in our lives for such a short time, and they will eventually bring me heartache - but it is so worth it.

I waited over 30 years, and I won't be without a dog in my life ever again.  So here's to dogs, all dogs, and to Kip and Katy - you give us so much, and all you ask in return is a warm bed, a full tummy, and a scritch or two after a game of fetch.  We owe you so much for the laughter and joy you bring to us - I promise I'll try to walk you more often, and yes, I will get you that fence you've been asking for!


  1. AND....it was through Kip that you met ME! Your favorite American! ;)

  2. This is true. It's amazing, the things dogs bring to your life... ::hugs::



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