Good-bye, Mr. Layton

This is Canada.

One of my favourite songs, written by Canadian Leonard Cohen, sung by Canadian Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies, at the funeral of Jack Layton, Leader of the Official Opposition.

No matter what the political flavour, the most common refrain this week was about how GOOD Jack Layton was.  And he is gone too soon.

One indication of how respected, how liked he was:  this was a state funeral, which is determined at the discretion of our Prime Minister, who was Mr. Layton's polar opposite and political enemy.

Good-bye, Mr. Layton.  This country is poorer for your loss. 


  1. We are poorer without him. Not sure what it was, but his death has really bothered me. Can't think of another politician for whom I'd feel this way.

    Here's to love, hope and optimism.

  2. Liz, I know what you mean.

    For me, at least, it was the fact that he seems to actually *care* about Canada and Canadians - it wasn't just a photo op for him to be seen doing something like riding his bike to work or lending a hand. It seemed he would do the same whether the camera were there or not. There are few like him in politics :(



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