C is for...

... Canadian.

Of course :)

The true north, strong and free.  The land of the double-double and Timbits, of canoeing and curling.  Of vast forests and amazing cities, of never-ending shoreline, and breathtaking arctic vistas.  The breadbasket of the world.

A land known for hockey, and ironically enough, politeness*.  A land where we apologize when you bump into us :)  A country where I can eat at restaurants from cuisines from around the world - English, and French, of course, but also Greek, and Italian, and Lebanese and Indian, and Turkish and German and Chinese, and Thai, and Japanese - even Ethiopian (amazing - try it if you ever get the chance!).  No good BBQ though :)

A land where, even with over 30 million people, we still tend to know each other.  A land where I can sit next to a complete stranger, start talking, and in 10 minutes realize she was the maid of honour at my co-worker's nephew's wedding.  A land where you can walk out of a store in a town 4000 km away from your home, and run into your neighbour.  A land where people still tend to say hello to each other on the street, or at least nod their heads, and where you are expected to wave to a passing driver on a country road.

A land that runs  a mari usque ad mare - a phrase that has been in my memory for over 25 years - since I first saw it, emblazoned in the Memorial Chamber of Parliament, where the name of each and every Canadian soldier to die in service is recorded.  Every day, a page is turned in the books, so our war dead are always remembered. 

A land of comedians, and inventors, of humanitarians and musicians.  A land where a politician is expected to be satirized (does anyone else miss Marg, Princess Warrior?), and can become famous for flippin' the bird.

A land of fresh water, good soil, amazing skies, and great people.  Most of all, my home.

Let me apologize in advance if this comes across as too patriotic.  Can I get you a double-double to make it up to you?   ;)

A few years back, I went to Scotland.  A Scottish couple (complete strangers) picked me out as being Canadian, since *I* kept apologizing to *them* for getting jostled while in a crowd watching the bagpipes at Edinburgh Castle ;)

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