H is for...

... handy.

I know I tend to post funny reno stories, like locking myself out of the house, almost setting the door on fire, spending day after day installing taps, but in all honesty, I tend to besomewhat handy.

Well, at least I haven't cut off any appendages, made any hospital trips, or burnt down the house.  Yet.

I can insulate a wall, put up drywall, install taps, install plugs and light fixtures, tile a floor, do drywall seams, paint a wall, shingle a roof, put up siding, install windows and doors.

I can cook dinner, plant a garden, bake a cake, can fruits and vegetables, mow a lawn, chop wood.

I can sew curtains and duvet covers, I can mend clothes by hand ... and I can embroider. 

I can even groom my dogs.

I don't necessarily like doing all of those, and am DEFINITELY not an expert in any of them, but I can and have done all of them, and more.



I try.

That's all.  I try.  I will try (almost) anything.  I know the things I can't do safely (like cut down the trees), and the things I have no interest in doing (like car repairs beyond changing an air filter), but most things, I'll try at least once. 

Some things, like tiling, I'm happy to leave to the experts afterwards.

Some, like drywall seems, I despise, but will continue doing to save money.

Others?  I find I both like doing them, and I'm not too bad at - like painting.

But my minimum is to try :)  As long as I don't burn down the house, or lock myself outside again...


  1. I am making my rounds and checking out what others are posting for the alphabet. Handy - such a good H! I am handy, but always can work at being more and more handy. Especially around the house. Emily

  2. Thanks Emily! There are so many good posts, aren't there?



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