X is for...


At least when it comes to food, that is.  I have yet to try a national cuisine I don't like.

Growing up, of course, we generally ate standard "meat & potatoes" food, but also dishes that came from the "ethnic" population of Niagara Falls - German and Italian, mostly.  I still love gnocchi.  And cabbage rolls.  And pierogi.  Oh, pierogi, with bacon and onions...yum!

And then I went to university and discovered the wonders of Greek food.  And Mexican.  And Lebanese.  And Thai, and good Chinese.  And Japanese and sushi. 

And then I moved to Saskatoon, and found even better Mexican, and more South American regional foods, and even better Asian restaurants (oh, those appetizers at that place in Moose Jaw!!).  And of course, the Ukrainians- more pierogis, and so many other great dishes.

And visiting Calgary, I was introduced to Ethiopian - oh, wow, if you ever get the chance, go for it!

And traveling to Switzerland (the cheese!), and Scotland (yes, I ate haggis!!).

I've eaten wild boar, and venison, and bison and even frog's legs.  And quail and rabbit ... and even basil ice cream :)  Smoked white fish, wild rice.  So many different foods.

So my X is about all the fantastic food choices out there - here's to years of more good eating and discovery of even more cuisines!


  1. Great word that! Much nicer than xenophobia ;) I love your description of your food discoveries. I used to visit a friend in Canada and she used to take me out for fabulous sushi and Montreal bagels (the best) in Edmonton, and I think I had my first proper tabouleh salad in Calgary. best wishes, Joanna

  2. Thanks Joanna. Isn't it sad that xenophilic isn't recognized by spell check, but xenophobic is?

    And I can't believe I forgot about Montreal bagels! And the salted pretzels in Germany!!

    I think I'm way too interested in food :)



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