F is for...

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... fear of giant squids.

No, really.


You know the things that make a shiver go up your spine, right into that little remnant of lizard brain we all have in the middle of our skull?  Yeah, that shiver.  That's what the thought of the giant squid does to me.

And yes, I do realize I have a better chance of winning the lottery than encountering a giant squid, but logic fails in the face of irrational fear :)

I think it's the realization that this thing is huge, and exists, but we have almost NEVER seen it alive.  We know SO little about it, yet it is one of the largest animals on earth.

This animal can grow up to 43' long - that's about 1/2 the length of a blue whale, the largest living animal on earth.  Half a basketball court.  One seventh of an American football field.  Almost 8 times as tall as a 6' tall human. 

This thing is that big, and yet, it remains hidden from us. 

Hell, it's EYE is as big as my head.  Just the thought of this behemoth lurking in the ocean, without us seeing it... yerp, there goes that shiver again. 

And if you think the giant squid is bad?  Wait to you meet it's big brother - the colossal squid*.  It's a giant squid... with fangs!

After reading this, it also occurs to me that some may think F is for freak... :)

*totally not making this up.  Colossal squid are similar to giant squid, just with suckers lined with sharp hooks.  How fun!

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